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Animals ASAP

ASAP is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.

ASAP, Animal Shelter Assistance Program Inc, is a unique organization, formed to assist animal shelters and sanctuaries throughout the United States, to give shelter and quality care to domestic animals in desperate need of help and to provide transport, care and shelter to nimals affected by natural disasters.

Hundreds of small facilities struggle each year financially and face huge challenges while striving to reach their goals. Many end up having to close their doors leaving animals displaced and facing euthanasia. WHY? Because many start their endeavors, with very limited resources, but lots of faith, hope, and high expectations. Fundraising is an expensive project and not many foundations offer assistance to young organizations. Those that kindly do, more often than not, limit funding to building and specific projects. Obtaining financial assistance for eed, veterinary care, and covering the cost of electricity and water can become difficult for many, placing them in a state of potential crisis.

Some facilities are devastated by natural disasters, again leaving hundreds of animals displaced while those affected struggle to rebuild and re-organize.

ASAP’s mission is to construct a quality facility for animals that are displaced during times of crisis, such as natural disasters and animals that are abandoned and in need of emergency care.

ASAP’s mission also ultimately aims to assist other facilities in need of support which will ultimately save the lives of hundreds of animals.



Animals ASAP


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